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These reviews are provided to you with the intention of establishing credibility in an efficient and meaningful way so that I may get started with helping you achieve your real estate aspirations.

2015 Downsizing Mercer Island Sale // 2015 West Seattle Purchase

"After going through a series of interviews with real estate agents from different agencies, our top choice was Pamela Bellah.  Her demeanor, personality, and approach were the factors in our decision.  We felt very comfortable with her style, and our confidence in her grew by the many hours we spent with her discussing the process in selling our house.  She presented and explained all the options and choices in an impressive way leaving no doubt that she was the best agent for us.  Selling one's home is an emotional, important, and difficult decision.  Finding the best person to sell your home , however, is even more challenging.  But, Pamela proved continuously that she was ready for any challenge.  She was available at any time even at the expense of her child' s time with her.  Her ability and persistence in dealing with so many obstacles made us appreciate her time and effort she put into everything.  From the start,  we knew that we had made the right choice not by word of mouth but her actions on a daily basis." 

- Irene and Nick Georvasilis

2015 Seattle Condominium Sale

 I thank YOU very much Pamela!  I felt from the start I wanted someone who would be very professional and who I could trust to make things happen, keep me updated, give good advice and most of all trust to make good decisions - and nice to work with!  Nate’s recommendation was 100% on the dot.  You’ve made this whole process workable for me from a distance, especially when I was traveling in Indonesia at a critical time, and I am so pleased that I had/have you as my agent.  And I really appreciate all the extra effort you made to send me photos/video, get the ‘fix-ups’ done and to send me the flyers — thanks really nice and means a lot to me :))

- Candace

2015 Relocating: West Seattle Sale

"Pamela was referred to me by a neighboring friend and was a blessing in disguise.  I was looking for a new real estate agent after being very dissatisfied with a previous agent.  Even though we've never met face to face, I put my trust and care into her skills when I needed her most to sell an Admiral condo.  Not only did Pamela come with wonderful references, she also works for a reputable professional real estate company that was able to market my condo using all possible avenues.  I knew she had other bigger listings, but she still showed the care and dedication to sell my condo as any other property. Pamela is pleasant and hard-working and I'd highly recommend her to anyone."

- Nicole Salaman 

2015 Sale: Magnolia

"We wanted to iterate our positive experience working with you on the sale of our townhome in Magnolia.
You made the process smooth and easy and helped us strategically price our home for the most interest and the highest sale value in the current market.  We appreciated how available you were to us during the process when we had questions, your hands on and dedicated approach to the open houses and your insight when multiple offers with varying escalation clauses and pros and cons came in.. We ended up far exceeding our own expectations on sale price above asking!   Thanks so much. We'd recommend you to anyone looking to sell and wanting to get best value out of services and sale price of their home."

- Brian and Stacy Smedley

2015 Estate Sale

"Pam Bellah sold our home at full price 3 weeks from listing to closing with no hitches.  Smart and funny without any funny business, we could not have been more pleased."  

- Robert G. 

2014: Greenlake Seattle 2nd Home

"We recently had the opportunity to complete a real estate transaction in Seattle with Pamela Bellah ... representing us as the buyer agent.  Our experience was very positive.  She was very knowledgeable, very professional and most willing to answer any questions we had in the process.  We would highly recommend her to anyone contemplating a real estate purchase or sale of property."

- Judy and Don Schussler 

2013: First Time Home Buyer

"Pamela set herself apart from the dozen of the other agents we have used this past year mainly by doing two things. Firstly, being responsive via ALL modes of communication be it email, texting, or voice calls. Secondly, providing information in the form of spreadsheets, graphs, and raw data to support the decisions or conclusions she arrives at to help us understand. We have learned more about the housing and real-estate industry and the way it works by spending two weeks being Pamela's clients versus the two years we spent doing research on our own. She KNOWS this business inside and out. Pamela was able to find us a home that fit EVERY criteria we had in mind and acquire said house amidst the sea of cash buyers out there. Truly incredible work. Look no further. Pamela is the one that will accomplish what other agents have failed to do for you."

- Jaclyn Espinas

2013: First Time Home Buyer

"Pamela is a very intelligent real estate agent and knows the ins and outs of negotiation and the home buying process. She was able to help me find exactly what I wanted in just a few showings and each time we met up at a home, it was a good and informative experience. When I walked in the door of the home I ended up buying, she was able to communicate quickly and effectively with the seller's agent and ensured that I had a fair offer with a good chance of success. Pamela demonstrated a high level of integrity and skill and that impressed me."

- Michael Grey

2013: Relocation

"I called Pamela to help me better understand the rest estate market. I was considering a new position in the area & her expertise was essential for me to evaluate the market, the associated costs of living and as a native to the area, her suggestions on what, where & when. You will find Pamela to be an excellent real estate broker. She is very personable, has deep experience in all complexities of the market, trustworthy, knowledgeable and just a great person to know. Once you meet her, you will feel like you have known her for years. She's has a rare combination of business acumen, practical experience and interpersonal skills that would be hard to beat. I heartily recommend her for anyone who is moving to the area that needs a diligent & trustworthy real estate professional for the market."

- Robert Fucinato

2013: Seattle Purchase

"We selected Pam as our real estate agent in seeking a home just as Seattle was coming out of the Great Recession. There was a tight market during this time as potential sellers were holding back due to rapidly rising home prices. Previously low mortgage rates were also rising, and desperate potential buyers were bidding up asking prices 20 percent and more. Pamela quickly became a friend due to her great attitude, persistence, know-how, smart recommendations, ability to find potential homes, and quick thinking in putting together creative offers to beat the competition. Her effort was successful in finding just the right home in a nice neighborhood. I am happy to recommend Pam and believe that you will enjoy her services."

 - John Jeffcott AIA CSI/CDT ACI ASTM 

2013: First Time Home Buyer

"My wife and I hired Pam as a buyer’s agent when our daughter was looking for her first home. Pam responded immediately to our daughters inquiry and worked with her to not only secure the home in which our daughter was first interested, but took her to other properties to ensure that she had enough exposure to make an informed decision. The sellers agent was overworked and did not respond quickly to various queries, but Pam jumped in and made sure that documents were where they were supposed to be at the right time. She also recommended an outstanding home inspector. We wholeheartedly recommend Pam as either a Buyers or Sellers agent and plan to use her when it is time for us to sell."

- Rob Brewer

2012: Renton Purchase

"I was searching for a house - Pam found me a home! If you want someone who will be relentless and research all opportunities, Pam is your agent. She keeps up on all trends and what is happening in the industry. You will not be disappointed - give her a call!"

- Cindy Ann Smith

2012: Home Purchaser

I would use Pam again as my agent anytime without a doubt. Her quality time and research on helping find my house is incomparable and second to none. She takes time in understanding your needs and she’s honest with you if you like a house but might not be a good deal for you, but will let you make your own decisions with her professional opinion. She is not only looking into buying or selling houses, she wants her clients to be happy and strives to get you the best options for your price. Her high ethical principals and integrity on an elite level compared to other Real Estate Agents (Realtors).

- Jose Garcia

Puyallup Home Seller 2012

Pamela is the best agent you will ever find. She helped me sell my house quickly and for a good price in a bad market. She is everything a good agent should be: smart, hard-working, calculating (in saving me money), and funny. She made great recommendations for preparing my home for sale, showed me area statistics to help me know what the current market conditions were, then brought me an offer much sooner than I had prepared myself to expect! would be fortunate to have her as your agent! You will find no one better.

- Todd Palmer

2012: Bonney Lake First Time Home Buyer

"Pam really was a miracle worker! The house we loved was a foreclosure that had to be bid for online... Although Pam had never used that site before, she dove right in and did a great job! She researched fees for us and fought for every dollar that she could get back. She gave us advice on the best way to handle situations and took wonderful care of us. She really made us feel safe and secure in what could be a very scary situation. I can't imagine a better real estate agent!"

- Kristi Meyers

2012: Seattle Home Buyer

"Pamela is very knowledgeable about the Real Estate industry and puts that knowledge to work for you. Pam gets the results you ask for. Without hesitation, Pamela even provided prompt help 3 months after the sale was made and I was simply a page in her history book. Thanks for everything Pam."

- Louis Surbrook

2012: Downsizer

"Pamela Bellah is an extraordinary agent! She helped my Mom (age 90) sell her waterfront condo, a fairly unique property that required a lot of research. In addition, she dealt with me and my 2 siblings (not an easy task) and always kept us "in the loop" while never losing sight of the fact that Mom was her client. She used multiple, creative approaches in marketing the property and constantly monitored progress - we had a sale in 45 days, at the listing price, with a very smooth closing.

Good agents, and great agents, are hard to find because this job requires such a wide array of abilities: good people skills (communications, listening to client needs) combined with business/analytical skills (negotiating, determining correct market positioning, pricing, analyzing market strength and depth). Tough job.

Pamela is skilled in all these areas - she's an extraordinary agent who, on top of it all, works very hard for her clients. I would highly recommend her - in short, she's wonderful!"                   

- Karen Keoppler

2012: Downsizing Buyer

"I recently made what could have been a very difficult transition move and I was so blessed to find Pam, ready and willing to help me in every way possible. She made it a point to discover what my needs and wants were and we became fast friends during the short time it took to find just the right home...and at the right price, as well. I would challenge anyone to find a better or more qualified realtor and she is genuine fun to work with!"

- Donna Mae Floy

"Pam helped me find a condominium for my mother. Pam exceeded my expectations in all areas of the search process; touring available properties, drafting the purchase and sale agreement, as well as  keeping on top of all the details of the transaction. I highly recommend Pam to handle any of your real estate needs. In addition to her excellent professional skills her charming personality will make the process very enjoyable. There is no reason to work with any other agent."

- Donna Mae Floyd’s son Mark

2012: Kent Relocation Buyer

"Being somewhat new to the area, I relied on Pam to help me locate the area of town where I wanted to purchase a house. She was extremely patient and willing to look and travel all around the Seattle area. She was willing to work around my work hours and was responsive and ready to go look anytime I found something I thought I might like. We searched through condos, houses, and townhouses and I always felt like Pam gave me great advise and opinions on the properties. There was never a rush or a push to buy, but always encouragement to find the place that makes me happy. We finally found it!"

                                                                                     - Julie Daugherty 2012

2012: Ruston Home Buyers

"Pamela made our house hunting and buying process exceptionally easy and exciting. She was well prepared for all our questions and had information we didn't even know we needed. Pam is very knowledgeable in home sales, purchasing a home, and everything in between! She is very personable and professional while having mastered the art of negotiation! We were able to maneuver a complicated purchase from a very unyielding seller. We gained instant equity through her skillful negotiations while having all major repairs completed at the seller’s expense. Using Pam as an agent, we were able to afford and purchase the home of our dreams. I would recommend her to anyone that is in need of a real estate agent. I would definitely use her expertise in any future home buying or selling process."

- Shawn and Jesse Kelley

2012: Redmond Home Buyers

"She is an expert on real estate industry. I bought a house which has some bankruptcy problems and the case was complicated and she helped me a lot to complete the process step by step. Buying a house is a big and a very important step for most of us and her knowledge on the industry is a big plus for both buyers and sellers. I strongly recommend her."

- Mehmet Albayrak and Mine Tokus

2012 Kirkland: First Time Home Buyers

"Pam was the perfect agent for us during a difficult purchase. The house we purchased was a flip and the lender was painful to deal with as a result and we had to push out the closing by almost 3 weeks. However, Pam was constantly in touch with the lender as well as the listing agent for the home ensuring we would get the extension of closing and the lender had everything they needed.   Being first time home buyers she was also extremely helpful. Whenever we had questions or issues with the lender Pam was there to answer our questions.  As difficult as it was with the lender and the uncertainty of the seller agreeing to extend closing, we would still do it again because Pam was so comforting and reassuring."

- Joshua Gillet and Hitomi Shikuma

2012: Shoreline

"Pam Bellah helped me find the perfect house in Shoreline one year ago and then escorted me through the maze of the short sale! We closed April 30th and today I sit here writing this while I admire my home and remember all those phone calls, faxes, and laughs I had with Pam in getting it closed. She was diligent, encouraging, resourceful and amazing! As I was a first time buyer she spent alot of time answering my questions and holding my hand! In the end I got the house and I am convinced it was all because of her support, guidance, and tenacity....all of the necessary qualities of a great real estate agent. You should consider yourself lucky if you can get on her list of clients!"

- Chris Larsen

2012: Seattle

"Once you decide on what that (house) is the very next thing you need to do is call Pam. After that LOOK OUT, and BE READY. Pam is the consummate professional -- organized, thorough, completely obsessive about the details. What that means for you as a buyer is that Pam will advise you frankly, listen to you and immediately grasp your desires, and deliver. To be fair, you have to be clear and communicative with Pam -- she isn't a miracle worker (close though). Also you have to be willing to listen to her advice, and alter your buying strategy when necessary. Outside of that there is no one else that I would work with in the Washington housing market -- period. Pam is as good as it gets!"

- Philippe and Stacy Melegrito  

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